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Installation Wiring Picture Troubleshooting Miscellaneous Questions

Basic Installation and Mounting the DUALUDG-4999 Floor Heating Thermostat

Learn how to quickly and easily install your DUALUDG-4999 floor heating thermostat. Click "Read More" for details.

How to wire the DUALUDG-4999 floor heating thermostat

Uncomplicated wiring instructions at your fingertips.  Always use a licensed electrician.  Click "Read More" for details.

Installing a relay

Useful for when your floor heating system needs to draw more than 15amps, read these helpful details.  Click "Read More" for detailed explanations.

The GFCI light continues to come back on after pressing the reset button.

This indicates a potential issue with your floor heating system.  Click "Read More" for troubleshooting suggestions.

Error Message - E0

Learn what to do if this message appears.  Click "Read More" for instructions.

Error Message - E1

Learn what to do if this message appears.  Click "Read More" for instructions.

Error Message - E2

Learn what to do if this message appears.  Click "Read More" for troubleshooting suggestions.

Un-Mounting Your Thermostat

Please click "Read More" for instructions on how to un-mount your thermostat

My thermostat is on but it is taking too long for the floor to warm up/not heating up at all.

There are some things to check and questions to answer to troubleshoot this.  Click "Read More" for instructions.

How many heating systems can be connected to one thermostat?

When multiple floor heating systems need to be controlled by one thermostat there are guidelines to follow.  Click "Read More" for details.

How long does the thermostat keep my settings once the power has been shut off?

Power outages happen at your location sometimes.  How are your floor heating thermostat setting affected?  Click "Read More" for details.

The heating system has a ground wire but the thermostat has no terminal for ground.

Not to worry, this is not a problem.  Click "Read More" for what to do.

Can I use the DUALUDG-4999 with other floor heating systems?

While this might be an option, caution should be exercised.  Click "Read More" for an explanation.

Is an electric floor heating thermostat the same as a regular thermostat?

All thermostats are not created equal.  Click "Read More" for the answer.

How important is it to install the floor sensor probe?

Just because the floor heating system can operate with the included floor sensor probe doesn't mean that it should.  Click "Read More" for important installation notes on this subject.

My floor heating system keep tripping

One thing to consider is whether you have GFI protection on the thermostat and the breaker simultaneously.  Click "Read More" to find out why.

Why are my floor heating system resistance readings not the same after several years?

After getting a "Ground Fault" error on your thermostat you may find out your heating system resistance reading are off.  Click "Read More" to learn why.

What if my thermostat says system is on however the floor is not heating up?

If you installed your thermostat over 3 years ago and it seems to be functioning the same, however your floor is no longer heating up, call your electrician. Click "Read More" for details. 

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