Heating Mats – NADWM

Warmup Radiant Electric Floor Heating Mats are designed to provide an even heat distribution throughout the whole room. The heating cable is made of the highest grade materials, pre-spaced on a self-adhesive mesh for a fast installation. This product comes with a 30-Year warranty.

Can I extend the cold tail lead of the mat?

Yes, you can have your electrician extend the cold tail lead.  Click “Read More” for specifics.

Can the cold tail lead of the mat be cut?

Yes, the cold tail unheated lead wire can be cut, however there is a limit to observe.  Please click here for important details.

Do I choose cable or mat electric floor heating systems?

Both loose wire and mat floor heating options utilize the same advanced floor heating wire.  Your selection of one over the other really depends on a couple of factors. Click “Read More” to learn more.

Can I use any thin set mortar?

Does it matter what type of thin-set or floor leveler you use to cover your floor heating system?  The answer is “yes.”  To learn why, please click “Read More” for some details.


Can I install the cable directly on top of the plywood ?

Installing your Warmup floor heating system directly over a plywood sub-floor is permissible.  By clicking “Read More” you will learn important installation instructions. 


Can I install my electric floor heating system in a shower pan?

It is possible to install your electric floor heating system in a shower pan.  Click “Read More” for details.

Can I connect one cable to another (series connection) ?

You can never connect one floor heating system to another, sometimes referred to as a series connection.  Please click “Read More” for the details.

Can I connect more than one cable to the thermostat ?

Can I connect more than one floor heating system to my thermostat if needed?  Yes you can.  Please click “Read More” for instructions.

Was your electric floor heating system installed directly over a concrete sub-floor?

If your floor is taking a long time to warm up it could be because it was installed directly over a concrete sub-floor. To find out how this effects the performance of your floor heating system please click “Read More” for details.

Once a repair has been completed, can I replace the tile right away?

After repairing a damaged portion of the heated wire it is completely safe to apply needed thinset and tile. You can click ‘Read more’ for details.

Make sure the floor probe was installed properly

To insure proper functioning of your floor heating thermostat you must make sure that the floor probe was installed correctly.  Click “Read More” to confirm proper installation.

Can I install a 120V mat on one leg of a double pole breaker?

NO. There is no neutral leg on a double pole breaker and the polarity between the two sides does not match. 

Could my floor heating system have been wired incorrectly?

Before you consider troubleshooting your floor heating system, there are a few safety reminders that must always be followed. Click “Read More” for instructions.

What do I do if my floor heating mat is too large?

If your floor heating system is too large you must NEVER cut the floor heating wire, but there are alternatives.  Click “Read More” for important instructions.

How to install a floor heating mat around a drain in a shower.

Thinking about installing a heating mat in a shower?  Read this article before you start.

What do I do with the factory joint?

Improperly situating the factory joint can result in catastrophic failure. The factory joint, as pictured below, must be completely covered in thinset or floor leveler.  Click “Read More” for important details.

Electric Floor Heating Mat Installation Video

Warmup electric floor heating mats are designed to make installation easy. Take a peek at our brief installation video to see for yourself.  Click here to view it.

Is there a way to check for wire damage before installation?

Wire damage can be diagnosed prior to covering with thinset or floor leveler by performing resistance readings with a digital ohmeter.  Want to know more?  Click “Read More.” 

Confirm there is enough power being supplied to operate your electric floor heating system.

If your floor heating system is not heating up, the issue could be related to inadequate power being supplied.  For more details please click “Read More.”

How to repair a damaged Mat or Loose Wire System ?

Here is an instruction sheet that will guide you through the repair process of a damaged heating system wire.

How do I use my TDR Meter?

The TDR Meter is used to measure the distance to an existing fault in the wiring of your heating system. Click “Read More” for details.

Check the resistance readings of your electric floor heating system

A vital step during the installation phase of your floor heating system is checking the resistance of the wires.  Click “Read More” for details.

Should I use Self-leveler or Thinset ?

Using self-lever or thinset depends on the type of flooring being installed and preference. 

I nicked the wire slightly; do I need a repair kit?

When slight damage is caused to the wire, a visual assessment needs to be made. Read more.

How long will my electric floor heating system take to heat up?

It depends on a lot of factors, but a classic installation over ¾” plywood with NADWM mats would take about 30 minutes to heat from 60F to 80F. Click “Read More” for details. 

What is the EMF level of Warmup electric floor heating cables?

Our cable was tested and measured 0.5 mG at 1/2” (a typical distance between the cable and your feet).

This measures at 1/200th of the acceptable value of 100 mG as established by the WHO and Intertek/ETL.

It therefore complies with EN50366. 

Will the Electric Floor Heating System Work Without the Floor Sensor Probe?

While you can operate your floor heating system without the floor sensor probe it is better to have it installed.  Click “Read More” for detailed information.

Specialized installation – Shower

Learn the tips for bringing the benefits of floor heating into your shower.  Click “Read More” for directions.

What do I need to prepare for my electric floor heating project?

Before you order your floor heating system, there are a several things you can do in preparation. Read this before your start!

Should I use a 120V or 240V electric floor heating system?

As a rule of thumb, when you are using electric floor heating on an area over 130 sq ft, you will likely use a 240v system(s).  Click “Read More” to find out why.

Installation tips for the Electric Floor Heating Mat System

You will want to review these floor heating installation tips before you begin your electric floor heating installation project.  Tips such as how the factory joint is positioned to how to extend the unheated lead.  Click “Read More” for details.

Are you getting a “Ground Fault” error after a few years?

That “Ground Fault” error on your thermostat after several years could indicate your floor heating system had been damaged during installation.  Click “Read More” to learn why.