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Warmup Snow Melting Cables are uniquely designed for snow melting in parking lots, driveways, pavements, stairs, etc. with total safety. They are suitable for embedding under concrete, asphalt or under pavers. Come with a 10-Year warranty.


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How far can you space snow melting cables?

If you are installing snow melting cable you may be wondering how far you can space the cable. Read more here about cable spacing.

Should I use snow melting mats or snow melting cables?

If you are planning a snow melting project you may be wondering if mats or cables are best for your project. Read more here.

Are snow melting cables as effective as snow melting mats?

Warmup offers two forms of surface heating: snow melting mats and snow melting cables. If you are wondering the difference, you can read more here.

Installation of Snow Melting Cable under Concrete

Take a look at a helpful dissection of this type of installation.  Click “Read More” for details.

Can I Still Install my Snowmelt System with Expansion Joints in the Concrete?

Yes, however careful planning will be needed to avoid any issues when the expansion joints are cut. Click “Read More” for details.