3iE Energy-Monitoring Thermostat

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What does it mean if my thermostat reads “Ground Fault Error” on the display?

This message will occur if a ground fault is detected. Please contact your electrician to have them test the resistance of your heating system based on the heating model that was installed in your floor using a digital multimeter set to a 200 ohms scale.

Also, please have your electrician make sure a GFI breaker is not used with a thermostat that has built in GFI. This will result in the GFI tripping.

For further assistance, please contact the Warmup technical department with your testing results. 

    • anna@foragersmarket.com

      We have removed the redundant GFI from the electrical box and replaced it with a normal one. Power is live to the thermostat and worked briefly after install. We keep getting a Ground fault error message. We even switched out the thermostat. What else could be wrong?

      • Hi Anna,

        Could be the heating system. Please call our customer service department so they can assist you with diagnosing the issue.