What are the amperage capabilities of each Box at each voltage?

Commbox 2 1

 The amperage capacity of the ResiBox is 120A and for the CommBox it is 230 Amps.

The ResiBox has (4) of the 30A/2-pole contactors rated 120-277V for a total of maximum 120A load capacity.The CommBox is limited to 230 amps load when powered at single or 2-phase power. It is built with (4) of the 50A/3-pole relays and an extra 30A/2-pole relay. The latter is only used for additional roof & gutter system or later add-ons.

At 3-phase power, the CommBox presents its full capacity of 600 Amps. Each 50A/3-pole relay can be loaded with up to 150 Amps of load. This is only true when powered at 3-phase voltage. Please refer to the wiring diagrams and manual to configure your installation.

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