DUALUDG-4999 Thermostat

Basic Installation and Mounting the DUALUDG-4999 Floor Heating Thermostat

Use a single-gang box installed vertically. Carefully remove the front cover by unscrewing the closing screw.

The thermostat should be mounted at least 5ft above the floor and allow for free air circulation around it.

  • Close the electrical single gang box by screwing the front part (already attached to the back module of the thermostat) onto the rear part installed into the wall.

  • Ensure that the thermostat is straight before tightening completely.

  • Replace the thermostat’s front housing.

  • Align and sit front housing on to hinges.

  • Push lower half of front housing until your hear a ‘click.’

  • Ensure front housing is securely fixed and insert the retaining screw.

  • Tighten the retaining screw.