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Can the 4iE be used to control Baseboard heaters?

Yes, the 4iE series thermostats are uniquely designed to control Electric Radiant Heating, including baseboard applications. They have been specially engineered to provide energy monitoring in both wattage and cost to ensure optimum power usage. The Wi-Fi capability allows your 4iE to program itself using your smartphone location and vary your settings by zone.

 4iE baseboards


To have your 4iE thermostat function properly with baseboard applications, you will have to do a few minor adjustments in the 4iE’s settings menu.


Step 1: Set the heating preference to read air.

Menu > settings > heating preference > control air/floor > select air > accept


Step 2: Change the PID period to 10 minutes.

Menu > settings > advanced settings > heater settings > heating limits > user defined > PID period > 10 mins > accept


4iE wiring


NOTE: While the thermostat is dual voltage, it is important to be aware of the wattage maximums.

240V: 3600W

208V: 3120W

120V: 1800W