Snow Melting Cable – WSM

Do I choose cable or mat snow melting systems?

This is dependent upon the project and installation:

  • If you are trying to cover a larger and/or irregularly shaped area, the cable system is the best option for you. It allows for more freedom during installation and can cover a larger area.

  • If you have a smaller and/or regularly shaped area, the mat system is the best option for you. It is an easier installation as the cable is already pre-spaced in the mat and because the installation means the mat will need to be rolled out, it will require less time to install.


Economically, the cable is more cost-effective. However, please note that the installation time for the cable is longer than it is for the mat.

Therefore, if you are not doing the installation yourself, the cost will even out with the mat once the cost of labor is factored in.