Warmup Insulation Boards – WIB

Preparing for the installation of floor heating insulation boards

Prior to installation, you will need a few tools:

  • A basic utility knife to cut the boards,

  • A trowel,

  • Galvinized screws and tabless washers for non-concrete installations,

  • Alkali fiber-mesh tape for installation in areas that do not see water often (kitchen, living room, etc),

  • Polymer sealant and adhesive for areas prone to water (bathrooms and showers),

  • Modified self-leveler/mortar


All surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned of all dirt and debris.

When installing over an existing concrete base, it is important to remove all traces of existing finishes, contamination, etc. to allow for a clean surface.

When installing over a new concrete base, make sure that it has been properly cured and dried to allow for shrinkage to occur before installation.

Determine how you will be laying out your insulation boards in advance, based on your layout, cutting them to size with a utility knife.