Self-Regulating De-Icing Cable – SRK

What do I do if I have too much or too little cable during installation?

There are a few remedies should you have too much cable:

  • You can cut the cable and splice it.

  • Run a length of cable in one of your downspouts, making sure that you create a path for your ice to melt by extending the cable out at least 1’ from the bottom.

  • If you have already run a length of cable down your downspout, run a length back up as well. You will ensure that the cable does not touch while inside by using the clips every 6” along the length of the cable.

  • Try increasing the height of the triangles along the roof line (up to 5 feet).


There is a remedy should you have too little cable, but please keep in mind you cannot daisy chain the cables but you can reduce the height of the triangles along the roof line, especially in areas where ice dams are less likely to form.