3iE Energy-Monitoring Thermostat

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Why is my floor not heating but there are no error messages?

If your floor is not heating, you should contact your electrician to do proper troubleshooting. Have your electrician check the resistance readings and make sure the proper voltage is wired from your panel to the thermostat. The amperage of the heating system should match the amperage coming from the panel. Also check to make sure that all wiring is correct by having your electrician check the manual.

Please make sure that when you are programming the thermostat that the red light comes on during times when you would like your floor to heat. If this red light in the top right corner of the thermostat does not turn on, check your programming. Make sure your target temperature is higher than the floor temperature reading.

Lastly, consider what your subfloor type is. If your system has been installed on a concrete slab or over an unheated space and no insulation was used, downward heat loss will cause your heating system to warm your floor much more slowly.