Conduit requirements when installing your Warmup system

We recommend using a conduit 1/2 conduit for one lead or a 3/4″ conduit if connecting two systems to one thermostat. In addition, we recommend a separate 1/2″ conduit for the floor sensor.

Mounting a 3iE/4iE thermostat with Standard Back Box and Mud Ring in Canada.

In order to properly mount your 4iE thermostat, you will need a back-box as well as a mud-ring. Warmup can recommend compatible items.

Can I Cut the Electric Floor Heating System Wire if I Have too Much?

This page explains why Warmup does not recommend you cut the wire for any reason and provides solutions to having too much cable.

Installation reminders for the inslab cable

We have provided helpful reminders to ensure a successful installation.  Click “Read More” for details.

Mounting the TH115 Floor Heating Thermostat

Follow these simple mounting instructions.  Click “Read More” for details.

Installation of the TH115 Floor Heating Thermostat

Easy to install, take the time to review the installation procedure for the best results.  Always use a licensed electician.  Click “Read More” for instructions.

Can I Install a Warmup System Under Carpet Tiles?

The Warmup DCM-PRO or StickyMat system may be used under carpet tiles as long as it is embedded in latex based modified polymer self-leveling compound prior to the installation of the carpet tiles. 

How do I Mount my ETO2 Controller

So either the installer puts a DIN rail on the wall or cabinet, or they can utilize the four mounting holes in the corners of the housing and screw it to a surface.

How do I mount my Tempo Thermostat?

The thermostat should be installed inside a square 4”x4” back box with a single mud ring mounted horizontally (also called plaster ring).

Tire Tracks Installation: How Far Do I Space the Mats?

The proper distance to space the mats should be 5 feet on center or 3ft between mats. Please refer to the installation manual for more details regarding your snowmelt installation.