Preparing for your project

Can a gravel driveway be heated?

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What product do I use if I need 110V?

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Is there a 120 volt Relay-25?

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Is there a maximum mirror thickness when using a mirror defogger?

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Do I need more than one waterproofing kit?

Wondering what is inside the Warmup Waterproofing Kit and how far it will get you? Do you need more than one? This post will give you an idea of both.

Do I need a waterproofing kit?

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How many packages of fixing strips do I need?

Are you installing the DCM-PRO cable without the DCM-PRO membrane? You will need fixing strips. This post tells you how many for each cable size.

Do I need insulation?

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Can floor heating be used as a primary heat source?

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Can I heat under furniture?

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