How to Fix TH115 Error Message: “ER” Floor Heating Thermostat

What do you do when this message appears?  Click “Read More” for details.

How to Check the Resistance Readings of your Electric Floor Heating System

If you purchased a Digital Multimeter from Warmup you will have 2 connectors. Please make sure that the contacts that will be plugged into the multi-meter are properly exposed.

What Does the Control Fault Error Message Mean?

The Control Fault message might occur for several reasons. Please contact your electrician to have them test the resistance of your heating system based on the heating model that was installed in your floor using a digital multimeter set to a 200 ohms scale.

What Does the Error Message on my Tempo Mean?

If you see the floor sensor error icon on the screen it means that your thermostat has been unable to detect the temperature of the floor. Please contact Warmup.

How do I test my system using a Megger (Mega-Ohmmeter)?

The megger is used as a quality control measure to test the insulation resistance to detect any fault in the heater cable jacket. Such leaks cannot be spotted with a regular ohmmeter and help spot any damage to the cable and cable jacket.

How do I test my NAMSR self-regulating cables?

This page explains the purpose of testing your self-regulating cables and how to perform these tests.

Where do I place the sensor probe when installing in-slab cable?

The thermostats sensor probe can be installed in a number of ways and must be housed in a separate conduit from the heating systems cold tail lead. Click “Read More” for details.

What does it mean if my thermostat reads “output fault detected” on the display?

It is likely to be a wiring or installation issue. Please consult our installation manual for further assistance. Troubleshooting steps will need to be done with a licensed electrician. Please have the electrician call us on site with the model numbers that were installed and a multimeter for testing.

What is causing my thermostat to keep tripping requiring that I press the reset button?

One reason why your thermostat keeps tripping could be that you have GFI on the thermostat and the breaker simultaneously.  Click “Read More” for details.

What does it mean if my thermostat reads “ER 1 Out” on the display?

It indicates that the thermostat is not set up correctly. Click “Read More” for details.