Why does my sensor trigger without precipitation?

This could indicate your sensor needs to be cleaned.  Click “Read More” for instructions.

My sensor just sits there. What could be wrong?

Try these simple troubleshooting tips to isolate what the issue could be.  Click “Read More” for details.

After a deicing cycle is complete my pavement still has some snow on it. Why?

This could indicate that you need to adjust your trigger temperature setting.  Click “Read More” to learn how to do this.

The sensor relay is closed but the deicing system is not running. Why?

A good place to begin troubleshooting is at your breaker or contactor.  Click “Read More” for details.

The yellow light at the bottom of my sensor keeps on blinking. Is something wrong?

Quite the opposite actually.  A blinking yellow light on your snow melting controller means everything is working correctly.  Click “Read More” for details.

How to work around a faulty ETOG sensor ?

To work around your faulty ETOG sensor click “Read More” for details. 

How do you find out if your ETOG sensor is defective?

In order to determine if your sensor is defective, click “Read More” for details.

My Floor Heating System Keeps Tripping

The GFCI in thermostats are Class A, which means below 5mA trip levels. This is a very sensitive trip level required by UL. There are several instances that could cause “spurious tripping” or “nuisance tripping” due to electrical noise on the circuit.

Error Message – E2

Learn what to do if this message appears.  Click “Read More” for troubleshooting suggestions.

Error Message – E1

Learn what to do if this message appears.  Click “Read More” for instructions.