ETOG Version 2 Wiring Diagram

Click “Read More” for detailed wiring instructions for version 2.

Mounting a 3iE/4iE thermostat with Standard Back Box and Mud Ring in Canada.

In order to properly mount your 4iE thermostat, you will need a back-box as well as a mud-ring. Warmup can recommend compatible items.

Can I Cut the Electric Floor Heating System Wire if I Have too Much?

This page explains why Warmup does not recommend you cut the wire for any reason and provides solutions to having too much cable.

Installation reminders for the inslab cable

We have provided helpful reminders to ensure a successful installation.  Click “Read More” for details.

How many floor heating systems can be connected to one TH115 Floor Heating Thermostat?

When multiple floor heating systems need to be controlled by one thermostat there are guidelines to follow.  Click “Read More” for details.

How to wire the TH115 Floor Heating Thermostat

Follow these simple wiring instructions.  Always use a licensed electician.  Click “Read More” for details.

Mounting the TH115 Floor Heating Thermostat

Follow these simple mounting instructions.  Click “Read More” for details.

Check the Resistance Readings of your Electric Floor Heating System

If you purchased a Digital Multi-meter from Warmup you will have 2 connectors as shown below. Please make sure that the contacts that will be plugged into the multi-meter are properly exposed as illustrated below. It is possible that you may have to remove some of the sheathing from the connector ends to expose them enough to make the needed contact with the multi-meter in order to receive accurate readings.

How do I wire my WSM-63 to my DS2 controller?

The 120V coil of the WSM-63 is powered between the one leg of 240VAc and a neutral they. Do NOT run both hots to the WSM-63. Please refer to the installation manuals for further information.

How do I wire my WSM-63 to my ETO2 controller?

Wiring the WSM-63 and ETO2 together is a great way to be able to control the WSM-63 timer panel with a pavement sensor.   Pull the power from terminals 2 and 5 and input into the L and N on the ETO2 controller. The ETO2’s programming, closes one relay as it receives a signal from […]